Why Clients Choose CFM

Many wealth management firms offer a variety of services and capabilities. We think the collective sum of the following sets us apart. Other firms may be able to match a handful, or even five, but a firm with all six is a rare thing indeed.

An Exceptional Client Experience

Our service approach is customized to your needs and each member of your team understands their role in achieving a high level of service. Our goal is to anticipate your needs, listen to you, and deliver service that exceeds your expectations.

Whether your questions are operational, investment related or financial planning specific, a team of qualified partners is available to help.

Independent and Objective

We are proud to be 100% independently and locally owned. This allows us to use an objective open architecture approach to find the best companies to partner with in order to bring our clients exceptional service. Our fiduciary responsibilities allow for nothing less.

Our fee-only structure means we receive no commissions of any kind, resulting in our interests being completely aligned with our clients. Try asking the same question at any of the large Wall Street brokerage firms. You might not like their answer.

Customized Investment Management

You are not like everyone else. Your portfolio should not be either.

We work with our clients to establish a portfolio that will meet their long-term goals, while protecting what they already have. Tactical asset allocation, plus on-going investment reviews and adjustments, keeps our clients well-positioned through the ups and downs of the global market.

Deep Financial Knowledge

Any successful organization is built on a successful team. Ours is no exception. We have assembled a group that includes four Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders, nine financial planning professionals, former investment bankers and CPAs, and a wide range of professional competencies.

With an employee average of almost 20 years of experience, we are able to draw from a deep pool of financial knowledge in order to answer your complex questions.

In-Depth Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan can help you plan for the expected and be prepared for the unexpected.

Our in-depth data gathering and one-on-one interactive process results in a truly tailored financial plan that makes us stand apart. No templates or one-size-fits-all compromises here.

We work closely with your other professional advisors to ensure an effective and coordinated implementation.

The Right Size

There are a variety of firm sizes when it comes to asset management. Some are global behemoths. Impersonal and sales-oriented. Too big to fail.

Others are small and operated by a single advisor. Limited resources and uncertain long-term futures.

We think our size is “just right”. We have the deep knowledge and resources a discerning client requires, with a deft personal touch and strong long-term roots in the community. Our clients value being able to pick up the phone and talk directly to their portfolio manager.