Market Commentary

Market Outlook and Review – January 2019

We had some wild wintry weather on the morning of our annual market and economic overview at the Academy in Boulder this January. For our clients who couldn’t attend, we’re pleased to provide a recording of the presentation featuring Brad, Josh, and Dave.READ MORE

2016 Election Update

What a night!  Like many of you, I spent last night watching the developing story about our election.  The final tally will reflect that more than 120 million Americans participated in an orderly election process, which produced a surprising Brexit-style statement about change of direction and leadership that we will be working to interpret for the next several weeks.READ MORE

U.K. To Leave EU? Analysis of the Brexit Vote

This is the first major market event that has occurred since the merger of SBL and CFM at the beginning of the year.  We want all of our clients to know that we are focused on this, and working to ensure that we make correct and considered choices on your behalf.READ MORE