Financial Planning Portal FAQs

1. What is Data Aggregation?

Your Guide to Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is the process of gathering digital information – like your checking account, 401(k), and investment account balances – from a variety of separated sources, to combine the data into a unified set. Your Personal Financial Website uses Connections to aggregate your financial account information, allowing us to build a financial plan with all your information in mind.

2. How do I upload documents to the “Vault”?

Vault Guide

  1. To begin, click the Vault tab from within your Personal Financial Website.
  2.  The two folders you can upload files into are My Documents and Shared Documents. Use My Documents to store any personal files and Shared Documents should be used when uploading files you want to remain visible to our team.
  3. Next, click into a folder. Within both the My Documents and Shared Documents folders, you will have the ability to create Sub-Folders using the New Folder button. These will allow you to further organize our files.
  4. To begin uploading your files, click Upload Files. Your browser will open a modal that allows you to pick and choose documents to upload from your desktop. Browse your desktop and select a file to upload. To select multiple, hold down the SHIFT key while selecting the files individually. When ready, click Done.
  5. Click on a file name to open it from your browser. Each file in your vault will have an Actions drop-down. This allows you to copy, move into a different folder or subfolder (within My Docs or Shared Docs), rename, or delete a file. Note: deleted files cannot be recovered.

3. How is my information protected?

Security Flyer

Your Personal Financial Website employs advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private, and secure at every hour of every day, year-round.

Our comprehensive security measures include password protection, Secure Socket Layer encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, audits, inspections, and more.

With each measure in place, you can be confident that your important information is safe and secure.

4. How do I add a connection to my Personal Financial Website?

Connections Flyer

  1. Log into your Personal Financial Website
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Select I have an online login to this account
  4. Type the name of the institution into the search bar
  5. Choose the connection from the list
  6. Enter your username and password for the connection

5. Having trouble with a connection?

Connections Flyer

Connections may break occasionally. If you run into a Connections error, try these steps or contact your advisor for help.

Click on Find New to begin. This starts a new session at your financial institution, ensuring you are troubleshooting the most recent error that may be affecting your connection.

Re-enter log-in credentials. Some financial institutions set passwords to expire after a certain length of time. If this happens, you’ll need to update your password at your financial institution and then update the connection on your Personal Financial Website.

One-time access code. Some financial institutions require a secure access code before connecting to your Personal Financial Website, which will be sent from your bank via email, text, or phone call. If you see this error, be sure to log in at the institution’s website directly before requesting the access code be sent.

Do not delete the account. Deleting the connection will remove any accounts, transaction history, and tickets that are currently open. This can affect your spending and budgets and delay our ability to resolve the issue.

6. Why am I receiving a message that says, “This link has already been used”?

The Register Now link on the invitation email is for one-time use and expires after seven days. You must complete the process of creating their username and password once they have started the process, or another invitation must be sent.

This is a security measure to prevent access to their financial information.

7. I re-sent the registration link and only clicked it one time. Why is it still appearing as invalid?

You may have malware protection software associated with your email that scans incoming emails and clicks on links to ensure they are safe. This malware protection software could be utilizing the one-time click when scanning emails.

First, try a different email account for registration if one is available. If no alternative email is available to register, call your Financial Advisor for assistance.

Keep these tips in mind when adding and managing your connections:

  1. Test your credentials. Before entering your username and password in your Personal Financial Website, log into your financial institution to ensure your credentials are up-to-date.
  2. Be proactive. If you make any changes to your account, like setting a new password, be sure to update your credentials in your Personal Financial Website too.