Financial Times’ Top 300 RIAs

Financial Times Top 300 RIAs

Financial Times’ Top 300 RIAs

Sargent Bickham Lagudis has been selected in the inaugural Financial Times’ ranking of the Top 300 Registered Investment Advisers.  The full list of recognized advisers is available in the June 26 edition of the FT, as well as at


Brad Bickham, Chairman and CIO at SBL, says “We are proud to be recognized by The Financial Times as one of a select few advisory firms in the United States. This only adds to our desire to continue providing quality financial guidance for our clients.”

The 2014 Financial Times Top 300 Registered Investment Advisers ranking is an independent listing produced by the Financial Times (June, 2014). The FT 300 is based on data gathered from RIA firms, regulatory disclosures, and the FT’s research. As identified by the FT, the listing reflected each practice’s performance in six primary areas, including assets under management, asset growth, compliance record, years in existence, credentials, and accessibility. Neither the RIA firms nor their employees pay a fee to The Financial Times in exchange for inclusion in the FT 300.

Sargent Bickham Lagudis is a fee-only financial adviser, offering customized investment management strategies and financial planning for individuals, families, and institutions. The firm is based in Boulder with offices in Denver, serving clients throughout Colorado and the United States.

PLEASE NOTE: Rankings and/or recognition by unaffiliated rating services and/or publications should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience a certain level of results if Sargent Bickham Lagudis, LLC is engaged, or continues to be engaged to provide investment advisory services, nor should it be construed as a current or past endorsement of Sargent Bickham Lagudis, LLC by any of its clients. Rankings published by magazines, and others, generally base their selections exclusively on information prepared and/or submitted by the recognized adviser.


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