Colorado Financial Management is proud and humbled that numerous institutions have chosen us as their investment manager. These institutions include nonprofits, endowments, and private foundations. Our goal is to help our clients meet their specific missions by managing their financial assets in a way that preserves capital, while allowing for prudent growth for the benefit of their stakeholders.

We accomplish this through careful consultation with investment committees and boards, sound investment principles based on fundamental analysis, lessons learned from the largest global endowments, and a repeatable and thorough risk-budgeting process. Our quarterly investment reporting and reviews are in-depth and transparent, allowing for frank dialogue on where we are and where we are going.

We have significant resources dedicated to the success of our institutional relationships, including educational seminars for new trustees and members on fiduciary best practices, investment principles reviews, and peer comparisons.


  • Evaluate existing portfolio
  • Mission and members
  • Investment policy statement


  • Communicate results
  • Asset allocation recommendation


  • Manager and strategy selection
  • Trading and execution

Monitor and Review

  • Continued due diligence
  • Quarterly meeting
  • Evaluate investment managers

If you are part of an organization looking for a proven investment manager with a strong commitment to its community and an understanding of what it means to serve, please contact us.