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Stop, taper time.

Taper Tantrum

If you have tuned into CNBC or read virtually any newspaper recently, you have very likely heard much talk about the Federal Reserve’s impending “tapering” of Quantitative Easing (QE).  If you checked your portfolio in late June, you likely saw firsthand the markets’ negative reactions to the possibility of tapering.  Seemingly every time Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke opens his mouth, he either inspires fear in the market, sending it spiraling down, or he injects renewed euphoria, sending it soaring to new highs.READ MORE

InvestmentNews – Parsing Social Security Rules for Spouses – Mary Beth Franklin


Please click the link below to view the InvestmentNews article on “Parsing Social Security Rules for Spouses”:

“The two primary claiming strategies are file and suspend and filing a restricted claim for spousal benefits only. Several professionals who viewed the training video asked if it is possible for both spouses to file and suspend their benefits or for both spouses to file a restricted claim for spousal benefits only. It is a logical question, but the short answer is no. Let me explain why…”

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Summer Correction, Markets Overreact…What’s New?

When it’s spring in Paris (or Egypt), it’s time for demonstrations in the street. When it’s summer on Wall Street, it’s time for a correction. Maybe you can’t set your watch by it, but it seems to happen often enough. This one is a little different because it started in the bond market. They are always a little different. It may not be over yet, because if it isn’t scary it doesn’t count. This one was only a little scary – so far.READ MORE

Trace Welch Receives CFA Charter

Sargent Bickham Lagudis congratulates Trace Welch on his achievement of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder. Trace successfully completed all three rigorous CFA exams and the required four years of investment work experience to join four other CFA charterholders at SBL.READ MORE

Swallowing the Cat Backwards

I was recently in Costa Rica on vacation for the first time. Our group loves to try the native cuisine and in addition to many servings of gallo pinto (rice and beans for breakfast with salsa), we also tried the local cane spirit – guaro.  Finding that it went down suspiciously like aftershave, we sought help from our rainforest tour guide on how to concoct a suitable guaro cocktail. After a 12 hour day of driving, horseback riding, zip-lining, mud bathing and more driving, he joined us for a lesson on Costa Rican cocktail mixology. How bad is guaro straight? The locals refer to the experience as tragar un gato a la inversa, or roughly translated, “swallowing the cat backwards.”