We recently had the pleasure of hosting a specialized client event and presentation with Fidelity expert, Gary Rossi, on personal cybersecurity and what individuals can do to reduce their risk. Thanks to our relationship with Fidelity, we were able to offer a unique opportunity for clients and guests to learn about first hand experiences, professional expertise, risk mitigation and the importance of strategic planning.

Gary Rossi, Vice President Fidelity Security Services

Guest speaker, Gary Rossi, has over 30 years of experience as a private sector and law enforcement security professional with deep expertise in investigations, cybersecurity, risk mitigation and strategic planning.

Gary joined Fidelity Investments in 2003 and served as Fidelity’s Head of Corporate Investigations for nearly a decade, which included leading all Customer Fraud/Identity Theft matters, Anti-Money Laundering cases and Cyber-related investigations.

Gary and his team created a comprehensive and proactive anti-fraud program to protect Fidelity’s customers from sophisticated cyber criminals. Gary now works directly with many clients to assist in better understanding current security threats and building appropriate mitigation strategies for them and their families.

Prior to Fidelity, Gary served for 14 years as a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He specialized in a wide variety of white collar crime investigations, which included sophisticated financial frauds, cyber crimes and public corruption matters. Gary functioned as the Chief of the FBI’s Undercover and Sensitive Operations unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. This unit was responsible for overseeing many of the FBI’s most sensitive and complex cases. Prior to the FBI, Gary worked as a CPA for Arthur Andersen & Co., and as a consultant for the cyber-security consulting firm @Stake (now Symantec).

Gary holds a degree in Accountancy and Management from Bentley University.

In partnership with Fidelity and Gary Rossi, we focused our event on cyber fraud although there are several other key personal security concerns; managing your digital footprint, safety and security around your home, vetting household help and people with access, travel security concerns, and elderly exploitation. While the program touched on each of these areas, the highlight was understanding how or why individuals may be at risk for cyber fraud. By taking just a few simple steps, we can lower our risk and discourage a potential adversary when we make ourselves a more difficult target. The key elements to limiting your exposure involve restricting access and using strong security measures in your online presence. Here are some expert recommendations that can be implemented immediately:

  • Use two-factor authentication whenever possible
  • Strengthen passwords by increasing length and complexity
  • Do not use the same password for multiple financial relationships
  • Change passwords frequently
  • Always access accounts via a secure network

On behalf of Gary Rossi, we have included a follow up action plan, “Personal Security from All Angles“, to assist you in appropriate precautionary steps recommended by Fidelity Security Services. We hope you consider ways to improve your personal security through this best practice guide.

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