Investment Philosophy

We seek to outperform benchmarks in a risk-controlled way, matching every client to their unique risk tolerance. We are transparent at every turn. 

We create a well-diversified portfolio for each client, based on their goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. We follow a principal protected investment strategy; enabling us to stabilize our clients’ portfolios in turbulent times, yet create disciplined opportunities for growth. We invest in a breadth of asset classes, including individual stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, alternative assets, and fixed income.

Our Investment Committee meets weekly to direct tactical asset allocation based on the most current investment research.

Our Investment Principles:

  • We work with each client to develop an Investment Policy Statement, which determines their time horizon, risk tolerance and financial objectives. The Investment Policy Statement drives their asset allocation.
  • Each personalized client portfolio is developed from a set of assets that we monitor closely and believe will provide high value and low volatility over time.
  • For the stock portion of the portfolio, we choose equities that offer growth at a reasonable price (GARP).
  • We use active managers and/or ETFs for small cap, international, and alternative assets and strategies.
  • For fixed income, we utilize individual bonds, funds, and ETFs.
  • When appropriate for a client’s portfolio, we offer alternative assets and strategies, with the goal of achieving 60% of the stock market return with 40% of the risk.
  • We tactically overweight or underweight asset classes, sectors, and industries based on valuation and trend analysis.
  • We employ tax efficient investing strategies.